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One stop shop for everything IT, AV and more!

Our many years in business have taught us that partners like you prefer to have one contact for their whole IT and AV infrastructure. The products that Coriotech offers are crucial for the experience of your guests and thus our service is of the upmost importance.

A fully in-house approach.

Electronics is no easy field, our offering has been compiled specifically for your personal needs. This requests a lot of “knowhow” from our part. We are very proud of our team of specialists who help provide you with the best possible service due to their experience and yearly training.

Coriotech promises that throughout our partnership you will only be in contact with our own team of specialists!

A tailored price/quality ratio.

At Coriotech we only choose for quality but that doesn’t mean that we charge large premiums.

We accomplish this by our unique: Essential, Smart and Superior segmentation. This way we make sure that you get the best solution possible.

A complete solution tailored to your needs and budget.

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Coriotech is specialized in networking and audiovisual applications for the hospitality, care, education and SME industry. We provide everything from WiFi and connectivity to television screens and smartboards for classrooms.


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What are our customers saying?

Mouche Van Hool: “We hebben nu in ons hotel een flexibele en betrouwbare tv-oplossing aan een acceptabele prijs. Onze gasten kunnen voortaan op hotel tv kijken op grote, kwalitatieve beeldschermen. De geboden oplossing met LG-toestellen beantwoordt volledig aan de behoeften van August.”

- August

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