Who are we?

Coriotech was founded in 2002 and focuses exclusively on services and solutions for digital comfort.
Coriotech works exclusively with products that are durable and have proven their value.

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Our mission

Coriotech has a mission for you as our partner, but also for your guests, students, residents or patients. For you as a partner, Coriotech wants to be a total solution with one point of contact. Coriotech optimises your investments to the best results for you.
Coriotech also has a vision for you, your guests, residents or patients. We want to offer them maximum digital comfort. Digital comfort like they are used to at home. Specifcally you can think of:

  • Audio with crystal-clear sound
  • Innovatively equipped meeting rooms
  • Telephony (VOIP) with excellent connectivity
  • High-performance internet
  • Digital HD television with a wide range of channels
  • Security cameras
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Our vision

The needs and requirements of each partner are different. That is why we always take a personal approach. We always look for qualitative solutions that are tailored to your needs. Besides installation and configuration, Coriotech also provides online monitoring and 24/7 support.

Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to Coriotech. Therefore, we give the obsolete products we replace a second life. If that is no longer possible, we have the devices recycled by an authorised company.

Belgium Hospitality Club (BHC)

The Belgium Hospitality Club was co-founded by Filip Helssen in 2019. With the aim of being a collection of high-quality brands within the hospitality sector. Members are only admitted if they provide high-quality products and services. By doing so, BHC acts as a label of quality throughout the market.

Meanwhile, the Belgium Hospitality Club has grown to more than 23 brands. Moreover, it is a collection of companies for which sustainable entrepreneurship is essential. This has also become a must for the hospitality sector.

Members of the BHC meet regularly and are often seen collectively at trade fairs and expos, which creates a close bond within the individual top brands. This close cooperation makes it easy to take on projects together and to collaborate to achieve the best results. Together we are better!

Why, how, what

Letting you, your guests, students, residents or patients enjoy digital comfort like you do at home. That’s why we do it!

As a partner you enjoy a personal approach at Coriotech. Together we look for the best solution for your business, side by side.

At Coriotech, you will find a total solution with one point of contact and 24/7 support.

How we work

Onze partners


Coriotech works closely with the best suppliers and their professional A-brands to strive for the best possible solution. These collaborations ensure that we stay up to date with the latest innovations and offer maximum solutions. The quality of our professional hardware ensures high uptime and at the end of the day… a very satisfied customer.

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Our clients

Coriotech is committed to working together to find the perfect solution. This means that we sit down to discuss your needs and requirements and look for the best applications. We focus on both you and your guests.

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To keep getting the best out of your equipment, our team follows annual training courses in cooperation with our partners. We also focus on obtaining the necessary certifications to continue to guarantee your digital comfort. This way, we can continue to offer you the best possible service.

Who is there to help you maximize your digital comfort?

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