Discover our channel selection.

Our amazing TV screens are of course nothing without our complementary range of channels. At Coriotech, you will find a very wide selection of channels from all over the world. That’s why we built this handy tool to make your decision a little easier.

You can easily put together your channel selection in 3 short steps:

  1. You choose the channels your guests want to enjoy
  2. You arrange the channels in the order that you prefer
  3. Fill in the details of your accommodation

After completing these three steps, we will send you an invoice tailored to your needs.

Please note: a standard satellite is equipped with 16 transponders. This limits the number of frequencies we can receive. Coriotech cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer the full range of channels you have selected. We advise you to select the channels you would like to offer, if this is not fully possible, we will inform you in advance.