Coriotech Satisfaction Survey

At Coriotech, providing an excellent service is our main focus. To ensure this, we are committed to measuring and monitoring our customers’ satisfaction on a regular and consistent basis.

What is our Satisfaction Survey?

New since 2023, our Satisfaction Survey is send to customers who have had a recently completed project or interventions.

It consists of 5 short questions that probe our most important factors in an installation namely: Communication, Contact with Technicians, Final Result and Nuisance. Our last question “Would you recommend Coriotech?” is a final check to see if we can be satisfied with our service!

Going for gold

Within our survey we work with a 3-point system based on a gold, silver or bronze medal.

Bronze: You are not satisfied, you will be contacted as soon as possible for further follow-up.

Silver: You are satisfied, yet there are 1 or 2 small points of improvement.

Gold: You are very satisfied, there are no points of improvement.


After our 5 survey questions there is an open question for feedback or input, with this we can continue to refine our service in the future!