Coriotech Satisfaction Survey

At Coriotech, providing the best service is central to our mission! However, we can only guarantee this by regularly and consistently measuring the satisfaction of our customers.

What is our Satisfaction Survey?

New since 2023, our Satisfaction Survey is sent to customers who have recently completed a project or received on-site and remote interventions.

The survey is designed to take no more than 2 minutes of your time, allowing us to gather the necessary information while also saving your valuable time. The Satisfaction Survey was developed internally to provide us with a better and more objective understanding of our performance in the key aspects involved in a delivery or intervention.

Going for gold

You will receive our survey in your mailbox after completing your delivery or intervention, along with a short invitation to fill it out and a link to our Qualtrics page.

Within our survey, we use a 3-point system based on a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

Gold: You are very satisfied with this aspect, and there are no areas for improvement.

Silver: You are satisfied with this aspect, but there are 1 to 2 small areas for improvement.

Bronze: You are not satisfied with this aspect, and you will be contacted as soon as possible for further follow-up.

Continuing to grow

As a growing organization, it is very important for us to continue learning within our offering. By completing this short survey, you enable us to maintain a good overview of our performance. At Coriotech, we are very proud of our people and are happy to recognize their success after a successful project.

Your trophy

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to help us grow. Each participant has the chance to win prizes; we organize a giveaway every 3 months with numerous unique prizes. For our first edition, we are giving away a helicopter flight with champagne over Bruges and Knokke-Heist for 2 people, which ends on June 30, 2023. The winner will be announced on our LinkedIn page and will be contacted personally. Participation is very easy; you only need to fill out our Satisfaction Survey once to be eligible. More information about the promotion can be found here!


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