Installing our products, that’s what our technicians Lewis and Jef take care of!

Lewis is responsible for the installation of the products related to television, AV, audio and video. He also ensures that all information channels and management systems are up and running. Further follow-up and monitoring is done via our systems from the head office in Zandhoven. For televisions, we work with leading and renowned brands such as LG, Philips and Samsung.

“Electronics and solving issues, that is my passion and gives me the greatest satisfaction”.

Being able to turn your hobby into your profession? That is what our technician Lewis did! With his 10 years’ experience at Coriotech as an installer-engineer and his great passion for electronics, Lewis knows all the tricks of the trade and can fit any system perfectly, making all IT infrastructure immediately available to our customers after installation. Delivering all installed equipment ready for use on the side, that’s what drives Lewis!

Where expertise and professionalism come together? That is Coriotech!