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Coriotech specialises in network and audio-visual applications for the hotel sector, holiday parks, hospitals and care centres, among others. We provide wifi and television for hotels, and we take care of full connectivity in the care sector.


Are you responsible for a hotel, camping or bungalow park? Then you’re at the right place! Coriotech has a solution for every accommodation within Hospitality with only one point of contact! And that’s crucial because wants and needs can be very diverse within the market. Because of our unique segmentation method, we can find your perfect solution together, you can count or our know-how!

We make no exceptions in choosing quality and reliability in our products. We configure our products ourselves to guarantee the best possible implementation for your hotel, camping or bungalow park. Do any problems occur? Then you can count on our 24/7 support!

Is your accommodation located in an area with bad connection? No problem, Coriotech takes care of it! With our 4g-boxes we are experienced in accomplishing stable wifi in the most challenging of places.

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Hospitals & Residential Care

Investment optimisation and comfort maximisation are the two most important aspects in this sector. Coriotech knows this from experience. Together with you, we will look for the solution that optimises these two facets.

We optimise your investments by using quality, affordable products. You often think that the price you get from your current supplier is the best. Coriotech often proves otherwise.

We can’t forget the comfort maximisation for your residents or patients. Coriotech wants them to have a carefree time in terms of digital comfort. Stable internet, IP-TV and Family TV are good examples of how we accomplish this.


Internet that is well secured? That is a standard at Coriotech. What belongs to your SME should stay yours. That’s why we attach so much importance to this at Coriotech. Fast and stable internet is also a must. Our technology supports your business processes for excellent results.

Deadlines? Coriotech meets them! We are a company you can trust. When you order a printer or a complete meeting solution from Coriotech, it arrives on time. You can also count on 24/7 support. Your business processes need to keep running. Coriotech takes care of that.

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In education, the most important thing is to optimise investments. Together with you, we look at what your educational institution needs. Ranging from stable internet to smart boards with audio. We configure these for you so that they work perfectly. All these solutions are provided by a single point of contact, Coriotech.

The stable internet is also entirely in your hands. You determine the limits of your internet yourself. You choose which websites you allow your students and teachers to visit. You are in full control!