Steven Verrept: “Bovendien staat Coriotech in voor geavanceerde technologische oplossingen, maar zorgt het bedrijf er tevens voor dat het beheer ervan voor ons en de gasten eenvoudig en praktisch blijft. Tenslotte heb je met Coriotech slechts één gesprekspartner. Coriotech staat met een projectafdeling en technische dienst garant voor een snelle installatie, service en onderhoud.”

Xior, the listed operator of student rooms, launched Roxi – The Urban Residence in Brussels in June 2019. This is a hybrid housing concept, which targets the student’s environment and with which the real estate group also wants to respond to the growing trend of co-living. For the total digital comfort, Roxi joined forces with Coriotech. Steven Verrept, Project Manager Xior Student Housing, is full of praise about the collaboration with Coriotech and speaks of an excellent total package at a good price/quality ratio.

Xior Student Housing is a Belgian real estate player specialized in the sector of student housing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. Since 2007, the company, which is listed on the stock exchange, has been building, as owner and operator, high-quality student accommodation for students looking for a place to study, live and work in ideal conditions. Currently, Xior owns almost 12,000 rooms in 26 cities in 4 countries.

With Roxi – The Urban Residence, Xior Student Housing is taking a new and logical step. From now on the company no longer focuses solely on the student, but also on the environment surrounding the student. These may be the parents of foreign students, but also doctoral students, interns, academic staff or visiting professors sometimes stay for a while in a student city. The Roxi concept was developed for this target audience.

Roxi – The Urban Residence is not about student rooms or dormitories. Rather, the housing concept offers spaciously furnished studios. The Roxi concept is aimed at people who want more comfort, space and flexibility. The studios have all the facilities and should also create a feeling of home. In addition, the residents of the studios can also make use of a fitness room, a laundry room, a restaurant and bar and a co-working space and supermarket. With the new Roxi concept, Xior mainly wants to offer an answer to the growing trend of co-living. The real estate group considers Roxi to be a hybrid accommodation concept, in which living, studying and working are combined.


In terms of digital comfort, the challenge was to find a flexible and future-oriented solution. Steven Verrept: “With Roxi, we are attracting a broad target group of guests who are very used to technology. So, we had to look for a high-performance IT company that could offer us digital solutions with added value”.

“For example, we wanted to install television sets in the 99 suites that would allow both screen mirroring and streaming. With our international audience, we also wanted a television solution that could offer a wide range of television channels.

“Even in these times when everyone calls with a smartphone, we also found it necessary to have a telephone in the studios, as this creates a feeling of home. That is why we also asked for a retro model”.

“Finally, we believe that security is essential. Good camera security was therefore a requirement for us.



Steven Verrept and his team went to various IT providers with these requirements. Ultimately, the choice fell on Coriotech. Steven Verrept: “Right from the start, we felt that Coriotech was on the same wavelength and understood exactly what we wanted. Moreover, the technology company from Zandhoven was able to offer us a total package at an excellent price/quality ratio.

” We had Coriotech install 43-inch LG televisions in our 99 studios. We are very satisfied with the result. In Roxi we now have a flexible and reliable TV solution at an acceptable price. Our guests can now watch television on large, high-quality screens. Moreover, they can stream content from their various devices and play it on their TV screen. Thanks to the satellite dishes and the hybrid channel package, we can offer channels tailored to the needs of our guests”.

” When it comes to telephony, our IT provider has also done a great job. Coriotech delivered a professional IP telephone exchange with hotel module. In the rooms, we opted for telephones with a retro look to create a feeling of home. This was also no problem for Coriotech”.

” Finally, Coriotech installed IP cameras for the security of the residence. These are security cameras whose recorded video images can be stored for a period of time and can be viewed live and on the move.

Customer satisfaction

Steven Verrept is very pleased with the good cooperation with Coriotech: “You can leave the entire digital project to Coriotech without any worries. After all, the ICT specialist does the entire project management from A to Z. Moreover, Coriotech provides advanced technological solutions, but the company also ensures that the management thereof remains simple and practical for us and the guests. Finally, with Coriotech you have only one interlocutor. With a project department and technical service, Coriotech guarantees quick installation, service and maintenance, concludes a satisfied Project Manager.