Total solutions

Coriotech’s mission? We want to offer your guests maximum digital comfort during their stay. Think of wireless internet, digital television, audio, telephony and innovatively furnished meeting rooms.

In addition, our aim is to relieve you of IT worries and to secure you with the latest supporting IT equipment and services as well as internal communication applications. With a focus on quality, integration, and service, Coriotech provides you with a total solution with one point of contact.

Audio oplossingen
Audiovisuele oplossingen


Ready to be blown away by Coriotech’s audio system? Then you’re in the right place. With audio, the trick is to match the right material to your environment. The best and most expensive material rarely gives the best result. You can only get that result by making well-considered decisions based on a sound study.

Camerabewaking en security oplossingen
Camerabewaking en security oplossingen


Your safety is important to Coriotech. We secure you with professional camera surveillance. The cameras are made of high-quality material. The camera surveillance of Coriotech only provides sharp images. You need to be able to view those images anytime and anywhere. We provide an app where you can receive notifications to central systems. It’s all possible at Coriotech!

Multimedia oplossingen
Multimedia oplossingen


Coriotech wants to be a total solution for you and your company in terms of digital comfort. That comfort starts with stable internet but goes much further than that. Coriotech can guide you through the entire process. From computers with office packages to total meeting solutions, you will find it all at that one point of contact. Coriotech!

Smart TV oplossingen
Onze oplossingen

Smart TV

Looking for a TV solution for your accommodation? Then Coriotech can help you. We have televisions in all prices, sizes, and styles. Coriotech is sure to have a TV to suit you. Of course, a television screen alone is not enough. You also need to have channels on it. Good thing Coriotech can provide you this as well.

VOIP en IP telefonie
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With Coriotech’s telecom solutions, you discover a totally new way of calling. Say goodbye to old-fashioned telephone exchanges. The telecom system is now online. The lines are much more stable. You can even transfer calls to your teleworkers. Are you and your company also ready for Coriotech’s versatile telecom solutions?

Netwerkoplossingen en wifi
Netwerkoplossingen en wifi

Network solutions

Always and everywhere the possibility to be online. That is what you want, but also your guests, students, residents, or patients. People don’t want to pay more for this service. Free and good wifi is a basic need. Also, on top of the internet, Coriotech has network solutions tailored to your needs.