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Ready to be blown away by Coriotech’s audio system? Then you are in the right place! With audio, the art is in matching the right material to your environment. You get a good result by a good analysis of the objectives of the customer. In this way, we can make well-considered decisions based on a sound study.

Noise study in Hotel Britannia

The prestigious Hotel Britannia is a great example.

We engaged in conversation and listened carefully to the client’s wishes. In addition, we gave them ideas and suggestions from our experience.

In this way, we ensured that the product range they were presented with was perfectly suited to them.

This was followed by a sound study. We did that study together with Biamp, Coriotech’s sound partner. The study shows where we need which audio materials. After the sound study, you are sure of good sound, always and everywhere!

Heat Mapping Hotel Britannia

In-house made speakers

Biamp is the sound partner of Coriotech. They develop and assemble all speakers themselves. This way, all your audio wishes can come true.

Would you prefer the speaker in Coriotech green? It is all possible. Indoor or outdoor, more expensive or cheaper? Coriotech has solutions for all audio applications.

Operate it how you want.

The possibilities are also very extensive when it comes to control. Would you like an analogue control method with buttons? Or do you prefer fully automated? No problem, Coriotech is happy to advise you.

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