VoIP (Voice over IP)

About this service

With Coriotech’s telecom solutions, you discover a totally new way of calling. Say goodbye to old-fashioned telephone exchanges. The telecom system is now online. The lines are much more stable. You can even transfer calls to your teleworkers. Are you and your company also ready for Coriotech’s versatile telecom solutions?

The advantages of VOIP for your company!

  1. Save
    With VOIP, you no longer call via an analogue line, but over the Internet. And that is much cheaper than calling with a traditional solution.
  2. Reachable everywhere
    Keep your work and private life separate! Enjoy the comfort of connecting your fixed line to your smartphone and remain accessible everywhere but only when you want to.
  3. Flexibility
    Log on to your company’s platform from anywhere using the mobile app. Here you can easily listen to your voicemails and transfer them in no time.
  4. Everything in the cloud
    With VOIP, you don’t need an expensive, physical telephone exchange. Your telephone switchboard is simply in the cloud.
  5. Support
    Never worry again with 24/7 Coriotech support!

Landline phone, smartphone, or laptop?

Because the telecom system is no longer physically located locally, you expand the possibilities considerably. You can answer your calls all over the world. This is done via a handy app. You can even make calls via the laptop. This is very handy for teleworkers who must remain accessible to customers.

Telecom system

Connect anything to your telecom system

At Coriotech, we can connect virtually any device to your system. From old intercoms, your billing system to barbells in the parking lot. Today, you can even have the telecom system linked to your website. This way, you guarantee even more direct communication with your customers.

The telecoms system grows with you

Because the telecom system is online, you can easily expand it. Do you want to expand, and do you need more lines? No problem, the telecom system is dynamic and grows with your company.

Goodbye licence per device, welcome licence per simultaneous calls

Providing each of your employees or rooms with their own telephone line can be expensive. In the past, you had to pay a price per device. This has now been dropped. You now pay per call that you can make simultaneously. Sometimes you need a lot of telephones, but you don’t often use them at the same time. In such a case, you also save a lot.

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