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Coriotech wants to be a total solution for you and your company in terms of digital comfort. That comfort starts with stable internet but goes much further than that. Coriotech can guide you through the entire process. From computers with office packages to total meeting solutions. You will find it all at that one point of contact. Coriotech!

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PC & laptop

A single point of contact, this means that Coriotech can also supply and support PCs and laptops. We only work with premium brands you can trust. From Coriotech’s experience, we know exactly what equipment your business needs.

But we do more. We configure the PCs and laptops to perfectly suit your needs and requirements. Coriotech also takes care of the installation and configuration of office 365. In short, you get a PC or laptop that is completely ready to use.


Coriotech can also provide printing solutions. Every printer is different and has different specifications. With our experience we know exactly which printer fits your business.

For your printer there is also an after-care option. We connect the printer to your internet to monitor it. This way, we know exactly when we need to provide you with new toner or paper. Is there any maintenance required? We can see that too. You don’t need to contact us; we are already prepared and informed.

Teleworking will certainly continue to be in force in the future. For some of your employees, printing, copying, and scanning will be necessary. But who pays for his or her printer? There is a solution for that. A printer with all the necessary equipment at your employee’s home, for a fixed amount per month.


Meeting Solutions


In recent years, we have seen rapid growth in the digitisation of meeting rooms. The use of interactive screens allows you to meet with customers/partners all over the world as if you were in the same room. Internal meetings are also optimised because you can brainstorm more easily and support your presentations visually.

In addition to offering professional screens and smart boards, Coriotech completes the integration by using video conference bars and dynamic table microphones. This allows you to enjoy lifelike images, clear audio and a microphone solution that adapts to your seat at the conference table. Because first impressions matter!


Secure data

The Cloud Servers installed by Coriotech offer many advantages to your business. First, your data resides in a secure data centre, which gives you better guarantees in terms of fire safety, internet connection and hardware. Cloud servers also provide greater scalability. Additional processing power, memory, and storage space can quickly be allocated to your Cloud Server. So, your Cloud Server grows along with you when it is needed.


Cloud Backup

A backup of the company data is a must. In addition to a local backup in the company, it is advisable to opt for an automatic off-site backup of data. The Coriotech Cloud Backup offers numerous advantages. Since this backup is done automatically over the Internet, there is no human interaction, which minimises errors. In addition, your backup data is available anytime, anywhere. You can log in via a website and consult and download the backup data yourself. The Coriotech Cloud Backup works on server, PC and Mac. Coriotech provides and maintains all hardware and software needed to securely back-up and restore your data, if needed.

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