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Internet, more important than hot water!

Always and everywhere the possibility to connect to the wifi. That’s what you want, but also your guests, students, residents, or patients. People don’t want to pay for the service anymore. Free and good wifi is a basic need nowadays. Coriotech also has customised network solutions for your WiFi.

Starting from scratch.

Coriotech does not do half work in our mission to be a single point of contact in our digital comfort. That means starting with the cabling of your facility. Whether it’s network cabling or fibre optic cabling, Coriotech has the know-how!

A solid basis that we build on.

Carefree internet does not come about overnight. First there must be an internet connection. Coriotech looks for the provider with the best connectivity, that meets your needs. In short, we look for the provider that fits your needs. That is the basis on which Coriotech builds.


Way more than just security.

The firewall is a kind of checkpoint. It stands between the internet connection of your provider and your network. Together with Coriotech, you choose what the checkpoint lets through and what not. You decide who or what comes in and goes out. Because what is yours must remain yours!

The firewall is also a control panel. It allows you to manage your network. You can also use the control panel to detect and resolve problems early on. Moreover, the firewall also allows Coriotech to intervene when there are problems.

This way, Coriotech even solves problems remotely.

Connection and access.

The connection between your devices

Then there are the switches, which come after the firewall. A switch is a device that you can connect devices to. Its purpose is to connect devices to each other. They do this by receiving processing and forwarding frames.

There are two types of switches, manageable and unmanageable. The manageable switches have a lot more possibilities to optimise your network. You can give priority to certain devices, so you can optimise the internet experience even more. You will only find these possibilities with the manageable switches.


Accessing your network

The network is already secure, and connections have been made between devices. Of course, these devices still need to be connected. This connection is done via access points. You can connect your laptop, printer, or router to these. This is the entrance to your network from the inside.

Access points can vary greatly. Access points in your home are not suitable for professional internet in a business setting. There is also a difference in manageability. The price of the professional equipment is slightly higher, but the results are significantly better. That is because of the optimisation options.

The professional equipment also has a lot of technology on board. A Ruckus access point, for example, has BeamFlex on board. This is a technology that looks for active users on the network. It then sends the signals there. In this way, they are more efficient, give more bandwidth and are more comfortable to use.

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