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Your guest needs the right television in their room! However, much has changed in recent years. Guests not only expect good quality channels, but also other options such as streaming content from their own device and platforms such as Netflix.

Coriotech provides installation, configuration, and support of:

  • The hardware for signal reception, via satellite, cable, or internet
  • Hospitality televisions and the management platform
  • Content and information channels
  • IPTV platforms
  • Digital signage

Satellite or cable, how would you like it?

Coriotech offers cable TV with a Telenet broadcast centre. There the signal is distributed to the televisions. Besides cable TV there is also satellite TV. The advantage is that you can present a varied channel selection to your guests. Often international guests? Let them watch their own channels with Coriotech satellite tv.

Tailored to hospitality and care

As a hotel or holiday park, you can choose from a wide range. There are high-end models that will be gems in your room. There are also basic models that blend in nicely with the surroundings. In short, everyone will find what they are looking for at Coriotech.

It doesn’t stop there. There are many more features. For example, the devices can also have a streaming function. This way, you give your guests the opportunity to stream images and music from their smartphone to the television. You can think of Netflix, YouTube and Spotify.

As a care company, you can choose from a qualitative assortment that can take a beating. The televisions are also compatible with Tellie and Tripleplay if you wish. This combines the TV experience with personal interaction. This way the patient or resident can easily make video calls and receive pictures from family and friends and stay engaged about everyday activities.

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Coriotech offers you a very wide range of channels from all over the globe. Discover our selection here and receive a free quotation in just a few clicks!

Meet Tellie

Tellie completely changes the television experience. By adding Tellie, guests will discover numerous possibilities. It makes their stay more pleasant and reduces the risk of loneliness. Besides watching TV, you can easily make video calls or share photos with family and friends.

Tellie also has some advantages for you as a company. You can follow up your guests much better by asking them short questions. For example, you can register an activity via the television. This way you get a clear overview and save time and money.

Tellie is a chameleon that adapts to your business. It is perfectly suited for healthcare and hospitality. Within healthcare, it provides a lot of interaction. With the aim of reducing loneliness. In the hospitality sector, the interaction ensures that the service to your guests is improved.

Smart TV or commercial TV, what is the difference?

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The differences

A hotel TV system is very different from the normal television in your home. Where do they differ? A hotel TV is controlled by you from one central point. That gives you the chance to control or adjust the TVs in all the rooms with one click.

In addition, a hotel TV has more than 60 000 operating hours. That’s twice as many as a commercial TV. This ensures that the screens do not heat up or fade. Then there is the build quality. A hotel TV can take a beating, that’s what they are made for.

Personalisation is also possible with hotel TV. For instance, after checking in you can play a personal welcome message on the screen. It is also possible to advertise your own services. Do you want to give your new menu a boost? No problem, promote it in one click with all your guests.

Even an evacuation system via the hotel TV is possible. In this way, you can inform and instruct every guest quickly and efficiently at the push of a button. All in their own pre-selected language.

As you can read, a hotel TV and a commercial TV should never be compared with each other. A commercial TV is not made to be on for hours on end. A hotel TV is. It can play for up to 18 hours a day. So, make sure you are well informed!

Bet on 2 horses? No, 3.

Coriotech wants to ensure that you find the television that suits you. That’s why we work together with 3 experienced suppliers. LG, Philips, and Samsung. Each manufacturer has devices that are unique and applications that others do not have. It is our goal to match you with the perfect television based on your needs.

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